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The Walking Holiday Company

Custom designed website and Online Marketing System delivered for a walking holiday company in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Building this system involved the development of multiple business rules to increase functionality and reduce back office work.

Online Marketing & Business System, Monmouth /

This project for The Walking Holiday Company, based in Monmouthshire, delivered a true online marketing and business system website. The custom designed website is packed full of featured that enables our client to showcase their holiday products, including holiday listing with a search function, detailed holiday description pages that in turn includes a holiday booking form, holiday itinerary details, customer reviews and ratings, activity difficulty rating, plus other features.

The holiday booking form is intended for booking 'off the shelf' holidays and is integrated with business rules such as age checking and other such validating functions. The purpose of such rules is to meet the businesses requirement for reduced offline processing by moving the validating into the front end. The time saving on this has been significant and it was easy to determine a Return on Investment.

Also included is the use of the Google Maps API, where we have overlaid the map with a KLM file of the actual walk. The site also includes an online store for where logged in customers can purchase maps, guides and other related products.

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